How to set up Indi e-scooter

Once your new INDI electric scooter has arrived, we know you'll be excited to get stuck in. But before you head out for a test ride, you'll need to set up the e-scooter and familiarise yourself with some of the key features, so we've pulled together this quick guide to help.

What you’ll need

Before getting started, check the box and make sure all the parts are included. There should be:

  • User manual
  • Inflation adapter
  • Four stem bolts
  • Allen keys
  • Charger

Before riding for the first time, it needs to be fully charged. Remove the cap over the charging port and plug in the charger. You can check the charge level on the LED display on the handlebars.


Once you’ve charged your e-scooter fully, you can begin setting up. It shouldn’t take long, and you’ll only need to attach the handlebars and the front brake.

Fitting the handlebars

Carefully unfold the stem and lock it into place, before inserting the handlebar into the stem, making sure the holes align and you don’t trap any of the electrical wiring. You can then use the four bolts to secure it into place.

Fitting the brake

For the front brake, pull the brake lever to expose the hole that the brake cable will thread through. Then, thread the cable through and release the brake. Use two hands to pull the brake cable until it slots into place. Be sure to also check your tyres are firm by squeezing them - it’s important to do this before every ride.

Operating your electric scooter

With the set-up complete, you can now get to grips with how your e-scooter works!

Powering up and getting moving

To turn the e-scooter on, press and hold the power button until the LED display turns on. You can also cycle through the Indi’s three power levels by double pressing this button - it has three power levels and will automatically select the last speed level you used.

You can control the speed of the e-scooter using the thumb throttle. This won’t automatically power the scooter, and you’ll need to kick off first before engaging the throttle so make sure you’re moving before trying to accelerate.


When it comes to stopping, you can rely on a powerful drum brake, and rear electronic brake. The front brake is operated using a lever which you’ll want to engage slowly, just like riding a bike. Pulling the brake will also activate the brake lights at the rear of the scooter. Your new e-scooter also has built-in lights for increased visibility, which can be turned on and off by pressing the power button once.

And that’s everything you need to know about your new INDI electric scooter - it’s time to head off for a test ride! For more features, and to learn more about your e-scooter, please refer to your owner’s manual.

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