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We’ve all likely made the odd cleaning error when washing our cars, from using the wrong products to poor cleaning techniques. This can potentially lead to issues such as swirl marks, smears and even scratched paintwork.

However, the experts at Autoglym are here to help. In this handy video, they answer some of your frequently asked car cleaning questions to help you achieve the best results each time.

Discover answers to common car cleaning and detailing queries such as:

  • Should I use washing up liquid to clean my car?
  • What is the difference between a polish, a wax and a ceramic coating?
  • How do I safely remove bird droppings from my paintwork?
  • What are quick detailers and do I need one?
  • How do I achieve smear-free glass?

The Autoglym experts also provide some handy product recommendations from the best car shampoo and car polish to a fast-acting glass cleaner that ensures your car always achieves that perfect showroom finish. You will also discover the best way to refresh your car in-between washes, so your vehicle stays cleaner for longer.

Explore the full Autoglym range today online or in your local store.

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