How to find the correct wiper blade size

If you don't know your wiper blade sizes, you're not alone. Every day customers contact us asking for help to find the right wiper blade size for their car.

Windscreen wipers keep your view of the road clear, providing a crucial safety feature when driving in poor weather. Therefore, it’s important to maintain and replace your wiper blades and failure to do so can result in an MOT failure.

Luckily, thanks to Halford’s vehicle registration number tool and fitting service, finding the correct sized wiper blade and getting your old ones changed couldn’t be easier.

Why does wiper blade size matter?

You must replace the wiper blades on your car with the same size.

When people talk about windscreen wiper size, they usually mean wiper blade size. The blade being the removable strip that connects to the arm and makes contact with the windscreen.

Windscreen wiper blade sizes are measured in millimetres or inches, which refers to the length of the blade. There are a range of wiper blades available, in sizes from 9" to 32" or 250mm through to 813mm.

If you replace your wiper blades with smaller blades, they won't cover the entire windscreen - leaving gaps.

Use wiper blades that are too big, and they will wear out more quickly. Any rubber left dangling at the end of the wiper can become tangled or damaged.

Through our fitting service, we can change your wiper blades for you, but before this you will need to find the correct wiper blade size.

How to find wiper blade sizes

Finding the correct wiper blade size couldn’t be easier thanks to our vehicle registration number tool. Just enter your registration number and it will display the correct wiper blade size for your vehicle. If you don’t know your registration, you can use the search criteria to help find your vehicle model. Once you have this information, you can choose from Halford’s wide selection of wiper blades.

You can also find the wiper blade size within your vehicle’s owner’s manual. If you don't have a printed copy of this, they can often be found online.

Additionally, if you remove the wiper blade itself, there may be some manufacturer’s marks either indicating the model or size of the blade, ideal if you’re keen to purchase the exact same blade.

It's also possible to manually measure your wiper blade size by simply pulling your wiper arm away from your windscreen and using a tape measure, but we would always advise to make certain through the Halford’s vehicle registration number tool.

How to check the condition of your windscreen wipers

It’s important to regularly check the condition of your windscreen wipers by running a finger along the rubber and by testing how they operate on your windscreen. If you can see or feel any damage, or the blades aren’t working as smoothly as they should, then you should replace them.

While a windscreen wiper check is included in your annual service and is part of every MOT test, we recommend that drivers check their wiper blades every couple of months, or immediately if they experience any problems while driving.

If you want a second opinion, why not book in for a 10-Point Car Health Check? One of our technicians will check the condition of your wiper blades along with nine other key areas of your car.

Also, bear in mind that regular maintenance – like cleaning and repositioning – can extend the life of your windscreen wipers, reducing the need for frequent replacements and helping you to save money. You can read more about windscreen wiper maintenance here.

Finding replacement windscreen wiper blades

Buying cheap wiper blades is a false economy, with inferior quality parts wearing out more quickly than high-quality replacements. We stock our own tried and trusted range of Halfords windscreen wiper blades alongside Bosch wiper blades.

We also have a range of silicone blades available, which continually reapply an active silicone coating to the windscreen to promote water beading and ensure a streak-free finish. More resilient to heat, cold and UV rays, these blades last twice as long as standard rubber wiper blades.

If you want to take away the hassle of changing your wiper blades yourself, we can fit your blades for you through our fitting service.

Our click and collect and home delivery services also make it simple to pick up the parts you need and you can find more information on how to fit replacement windscreen wiper blades in our advice guide.

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