Once you’ve booked your tow bar fitting with one of our Mobile Experts, you might be wondering what the procedure involves, or how best to prepare for it. That’s why we’re breaking down the entire process step by step, so you know exactly what will happen on the day, and how your tow bar will be fitted.

Before we arrive

On the day, your technician will call to let you know they’re on their way and give you an estimated time of arrival. This gives you time to position your car – it’ll need to be parked in a position that leaves the rear of the car accessible, so that the technician has room to work.

When your technician arrives, they’ll do a quick assessment of your vehicle, just to note any existing marks to the bodywork and to check that they’ve got enough space to work.

The process

To get started, the technician will begin to safely disassemble the rear of your vehicle to prepare for the fitting. Every vehicle is different, so this could include any of the following:

  • Removing the bumper and placing it on a stand to keep it safe
  • Removing the rear lights
  • Removing the boot floor, lining, trim and spare tyre
  • Loosening and lowering the exhaust mounts and Adblue tank
  • Removing the crash beam
Once any potential obstacles have been moved, the installation can begin.

It’s important to note that, in some instances, the technician might need to carefully cut your rear bumper in order to fit the tow bar. This is completely normal, and varies from vehicle to vehicle – it’s just to allow enough clearance for the tow bar to sit as it should.

Once the tow bar has been fitted, it’s time to install the tow bar wiring harness. This harness is to make sure that the brake lights and rear lights on any items you connect to your tow bar will work as they should.

If it’s needed, the technician will then code your vehicle – this just means that any safety features or convenience functions your vehicle has will know to adapt when the tow bar is in use.

Finishing off

Finally, your technician will re-install any panels, components, or trim they’ve removed to be able to complete the fitting. Then they’ll run you through the work they’ve done and explain how the tow bar works. They’ll also demonstrate how the lights on a trailer or bike rack will work once they’re connected to the tow bar electrics.

And that’s it! The work will take a few hours, so make sure you haven’t got anything planned that you’ll need your vehicle for. Instead, make yourself a cup of tea and let one of our Halfords Mobile Experts take care of all the hard work.

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