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Anti-roll bars first started appearing during the 1950s when suspension allowed a greater degree of body roll in commercial vehicles. Anti-roll bars, also known as torsion bars are designed to resist torsion when a centrifugal force pushes the inside of the car up and the outside down. The U-shaped length of metal joins the suspension at either side of the axle via the control arms. Fitting an anti-roll bar will transfer the heavily loaded side of the suspension through the bar, essentially pulling the opposite side of the axle upwards towards the body. This process won’t get rid of the roll completely, but it will reduce it. The constant pressure from twisting and flexing may cause many components to weaken and lose their effectiveness. In some cases, it could wear out completely. Anti-roll bars are made of high strength steel and are essential for the safe functioning of your car. At Halfords, we understand this and is why we offer a huge range of anti-roll bars for all car makes and models. Our handy lookup tool will allow you to locate products suitable for your vehicle, and using our convenient click & collect service, you can get a hold of your products sooner. Alternatively, use our trusted delivery service if you’d prefer to have your products delivered to your door. If you’re still unsure which products you need, head down to your local Halfords store where one of our team will be happy to assist you.