How To Clean Your Car Interior

Here’s a few tips, tricks and products that will get your car squeaky clean on the inside.

Step one: Tidy up

Start by removing any rubbish from the foot wells and underneath the seats. This will make it much easier to do the actual cleaning, plus you won’t vacuum up any loose change.

Step two: Remove your mats

Next, remove your car mats from the car. If they’re rubber, grab a hose, or even better a pressure washer, and clear off the thickest dirt. Then, grab a bucket of soapy water and give them a good wash on both sides before leaving them to dry while you do the rest of the car.

Step three: Grab a vacuum cleaner

If your vacuum struggles to suck up the grit and dust, try using an interior detailing brush to dislodge everything. You can then suck up the loose mess. For the best results, the Karcher WD 3 Car Vac is purpose built for this job. Its compact design and special accessories make it easy to get great results.

Step four: Clean your dash

Rather than a quick wipe with a wet cloth, use a Dash and Trim Cleaner to break down grime and make your car look shiny and new. A microfibre cloth grabs hold of the dirt and dust giving you a better end result.

Step five: Clean the mats

Once you’ve vacuumed and dusted, it’s time to scrub your carpets and carpet mats. Turtle Wax Carpet and Mat cleaner can remove set in stains and eliminate odours. It’s got a built-in brush to reach deep into the mats and hard to reach spots. The fast-drying formula leaves a protective barrier to repel future spills.

Step six: Get plastics looking great again

To bring colour back to plastics and protect them over the long-term, try this Mirror Bright Vinyl and Rubber treatment.

Step seven: Get it smelling great

To get rid of any stubborn smells, use this Meguiars Air Refresher. This single use odour remover flows through your car’s air system, replacing bad smells with a fresh scent.

Take a look at the full range of car cleaning kit online or in store. And if you need any advice, ask in store.

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