Halfords Wiper Fitting Service

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From salt and grime to constantly changing temperatures, Great Britain's varying weather means wiper blades need to be changed when they start to show signs of wear and tear. We recommend changing wiper blades once every 12 months to ensure the best visibility when driving.

If you aren't sure how to change your windscreen wiper, or are worried that you aren't doing it correctly, then let Halfords do the hard work with our wiper blade fitting service.

Halfords windscreen wiper fitting service

Step One: Find the correct windscreen wipers for your car using out windscreen wiper lookup tool, then select the 'add fitting' option at the online checkout. If you're shopping in store, then simply ask a colleague at the till about windscreen wiper fitting. Wiper blade fitting costs £5 for a single blade, or £7.50 for a pair. We stock wiper blades that suit over 96% of cars on the road, so we should be able to find the right wiper blades for your vehicle.

Please Note: If you choose to have your wiper blades delivered to your home, then you'll need to head back to your Halfords store to have them fitted, so it may be worth choosing the 'click and collect' option so you can have your wiper blades fitted when you pick them up.

Step Two: Let one of our in-store colleagues know where your car is and we'll get your new wiper blades fitted. You're welcome to wait by your car, or take a seat in our waiting area, where we offer free WiFi, tea and coffee and even charging points (selected stores only).

If you aren't sure which wiper blades you need, or want to know the difference between certain brands / models, then check out our Wiper Blades Buyers' Guide.

Step Three: Enjoy a nice smooth swish and lovely clean screen!

Remember that you'll need to keep your screenwash topped up at all times too to stay road legal - grab a 5 litre Berry Screenwash, which not only smells great, but also prevents your screenwash reservoir from freezing in temperatures down to -10°C.

What else can Halfords do?

If you're already at your local Halfords store, then you may as well take advantage of our other products and services, some of them free! Ask one of our motoring experts for a 5-point car health check; we'll not only check your wiper blades, but also your battery, car bulbs, screen wash and engine oil levels.

Book a Free Car Health Check

If you enjoy a nice clear screen, then our revolutionary Duxback treatment may be right up your street. Available on all glass surfaces of your car, Duxback causes water to bead, preventing it from sticking to your windscreen, side windows or even your wind window. In fact, if you're driving at 40mph or faster, water will run straight off, so you won't even need to use your wiper blades!

Find out more about Duxback