Interim Hybrid Service + MOT
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Interim Hybrid Service + MOT

From £154.99 *
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  • 6 month, 54-point service
  • Expert technicians complete regular and complex checks on hybrid vehicles
  • Autocentres use the latest equipment

Book your MOT and Interim Service together to save £29.85

From £147.24 plus FREE MOT with Motoring Club premium

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Interim Hybrid Service PLUS MOT

Save time and money by booking your Interim Hybrid Service and MOT together.

Our 54 point Interim Hybrid Service and MOT is designed for the high mileage hybrid driver (regularly exceeding 1000 miles a month), or for hybrid vehicles which require frequent checks. Our highly skilled hybrid technicians will carry out your MOT at the same time, and test all of your car's key electrical and mechanical components to keep your hybrid running smoothly.