Is upgrading your car audio worth it?

Unless you have a late model car, chances are your car audio could do with some improvement. You may be conscious about the price of a new car stereo or car speakers and the hassle of installation. However, achieving high quality sound is more affordable and simpler than you might think.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of new car audio accessories and if it’s worth the upgrade, keep on reading.

Smartphone connectivity

Upgrading your car audio goes beyond great sound quality – it can also make your journeys more convenient thanks to smartphone connectivity. Most of us use our smartphones for everything from playing music to providing directions. In-Car Multimedia units such as the Sony XAV-AX3250 is excellent when it comes to smartphone integration for in-car usage.

The built in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows you to connect your smartphone and safely use apps while you drive via cable connection. These seamlessly integrate your smartphone with the car audio’s display and controls meaning you can make phone calls, access your music and get directions while you stay focused on the road with minimal distraction.

DAB radio

If you have an older vehicle and are tired of having to tune into radio stations and receiving poor signal, why not upgrade to DAB radio? The new Sony XAV-AX3250 car audio receiver will keep you listening clearly to your favourite radio stations for years to come. With a built-in DAB/DAB+ tuner it will make sure you are ready for broadcast changes ahead too.

DAB offers a much wider variety of radio stations and more reliable signal compared to FM radio. So, if you love listening to tunes on your travels, it makes sense to upgrade your car stereo.

Parking assistance

If you struggle to reverse into parking spaces, here is a surprising reason to invest in your car audio. The Sony XAV-AX3250 comes with parking assistance, so if you already have an aftermarket reversing camera installed on your vehicle, you can view this through the screen. It also comes with customisable guidelines to further help you back into parking spaces safely. If you don’t have a reversing camera installed on your vehicle already, one can be fitted alongside the stereo*. Ask one of our colleagues for more details on this. (*Reversing camera and fitting sold separately)

With the use of a rear-view camera, you can be worry-free when parking as this is particularly useful for those tight and testing spaces.

High quality sound features

The most obvious benefit of upgrading your car audio is, of course, higher sound quality. In addition to 4x55W highest industry output power, this AV receiver will have you singing away and enjoying the EXTRA BASS* circuitry which overcomes engine noise and reproduces clear punch sound at any volume level.*EXTRA BASS is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

You can also benefit from the sound optimisation as the DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer) creates a more vivid sound as if there were speakers in front of you.

The new quick wake up design boasts quick activation, so the system is ready for the road as soon as it is turned on, so no hanging around for your directions to start or radio to play. The ergonomically designed physical key terminal is designed with drivers in mind as it minimizes distractions when you are behind the wheel.

Affordable options

We know that technology can be expensive but there are still affordable options when it comes to car stereos. As well as announcing the XAV-AX3250 model, Sony also offer the XAV-AX1000 which is even more affordable and still offers the fundamental features of its predecessors such as Apple CarPlay, 55W x 4 power output and EXTRA BASS technology with DSO.

So, you can be rest assured that even with a lower price, you will still be receiving excellent sound quality.

There are a wide variety of reasons to invest in a new car stereo from greater convenience thanks to smartphone connectivity, more efficient parking and of course, higher audio quality. With great options to choose from even on a budget, you can experience more enjoyable rides at a reasonable price. For more information on car stereos, check out our car stereos buyers’ guide.

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