Nextbase Troubleshooting Guide

Having problems with your Nextbase Dash Cam? More often than not there’s a simple fix to get you up and running again. Check out our handy troubleshooting guide for some common issues and actions to resolve them.
If you’re still having problems after following the steps below, simply bring your dash cam back into store where one of our expert colleagues will be happy to take a look at it for you.

Where is the problem?

SD Cards


First, save all the files you want to retain onto your PC, then re-format the SD card from within the ‘Set Up’ menu. It’s a good idea to reformat your SD card every three months.

Make sure you are using a branded, class 10 type (30MB/s or greater) SD card, with a capacity of 8GB to 64GB.



Make sure you’ve downloaded the Nextbase app, and that you’re using the latest version. Without it, you won’t be able to use Wi-Fi functionality.



This may be caused by low battery, so try a full four hour recharge. Connect the device to a USB power supply, switch to the ‘On’ position and make sure that the LED indicator is illuminated.



Check that the LED indicator is illuminated when your car is running, or you’re connected to a power supply. If not, try replacing the USB cable.

Try replacing the car adaptor.

It’s worth noting that dash cams playback is limited without power, so need to be plugged in!