App Integrated Stereo Buyers Guide

App integrated Stereos are a great way of integrating your smartphone technology that you rely on with your car system

This means you can use all your favourite apps, your maps, send & receive calls and play music via your car stereo. Your stereo becomes an extension of your phone. Clever huh?

Depending on whether you have an Apple phone or you’re an Android user, an App Integrated Stereo uses the appropriate platform. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto work very similarly. And they’re safe and compliant with UK driving laws.

You can swipe through your apps on the stereo screen just as you would on your phone and the large screen is really easy to use when you’re using maps and navigation apps. Voice instructions come through nice and clearly through your speakers and you can use Siri or Google Assistant to change your route as you go.

Unlike Bluetooth which has limitations in terms of how you access your music, an App Integrated Stereo gives you full access to your music apps. Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music are just some of the apps that an AIS is compatible with.

Most App Integrated Stereos are DAB enabled giving you a wide choice of radio stations or you can stream stations through radio apps very easily.

It might surprise you to know that App Integrated Stereos can be installed in to most dashboards and Halfords can fit you a stereo in store in under two hours if not quicker.

You can browse online or come in store we can advise you on the bundle deals we have available.

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