Wireless charging

As technology advances, so does the capability and capacity of our devices. Charging has become a priority particularly when our devices hold so much of our lives on them. You can’t afford to find yourself on the last 5% of your battery too often!

Wireless charging is now being built into a lot of phones to make the whole process of charging easier and more convenient. Rather than have ugly wires to deal with, you simply place your phone on the wireless charging pad and hey presto, you’re up to a healthy charge before you know it.

So, you’re all set at home or in the office, but what about when you’re on the go? We’ve been looking at the options for wireless charging in your car and what you need to consider when you’re investing in some new kit.

I keep seeing ‘Qi-compatible’ on certain products. What does it mean?

Qi-compatible is just another term referring to wireless charging technology. It covers smartphones, tablets and wearable tech products (like watches). If products are labelled as Qi-compatible it simply means they can be wirelessly charged. A charging device doesn’t have to be Qi enabled; this is just the name of one wireless charging technology brand.

Let’s start with your device:

Is every device able to be wirelessly charged?

No. Only newer models over the last couple of years have this functionality built in. For example, Apple offer this on their iPhone 8 onwards and Samsung have enabled wireless charging since the Galaxy S9.

Now, let’s look at the capability of your car:

How do I know if my car can support wireless charging?

Again, this will depend on how new your car is. If it is less than two years old or so, you may have wireless charging built in depending on the specification of the vehicle.

Toyota are seen as being the front runners in including this functionality across their range. Honda, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo are also starting to include wireless charging on some of their models.

You can usually find the charging pad in the centre console or in front of the gear stick. If you’re not sure, check your owners manual or with the dealer who sold you the car.

What if my car does not have wireless charging enabled?

If your car is a bit older or doesn’t have the necessary specification, then you can fit a universal wireless charger. These come in different sizes, shapes and ways of being mounted. It’s important to check which devices the chargers are compatible with and if yours is not on the list, make sure you have bought an adaptor for your phone.

Types of chargers

Charging pads

This technology allows you to install a flat pad in your car that you simply place your phone on. Easy huh? Check that the design of your car allows enough room for this format. Our weFit service means that for £30 one of our experts can fit the pad for you so that it integrates beautifully with your car. No messy and ugly wires showing! An alternative is to plug it in to the cigarette lighter or another USB port available.

Check out our ultra-thin Connects2 Universal In-Car Charging Pad that you can use in your car, office or home with Qi-compatible products.

Charging pockets

Charging pockets are a really neat way to charge your device as they can be hidden easily. Our £30 weFit service will fit the Connects2 Universal In-Car Charging Pocket for you either in the glove box, armrest, side pocket or any workable flat surface. You simply drop your phone in to the pocket and the spring loaded mechanism means your phone is held securely while you’re on the move. The pocket also features two USB ports allowing you to charge other devices at the same time.

Car specific charging

This is the most integrated option and is dependent on your vehicle. The charger is built in to replace the coin tray in most cases. This is a great value for money option as it can mean spending only 10% of what it may have cost you if the dealer had fitted it when you bought the car. It also looks great!

Our experts have all the skill and knowledge to fit the right configuration for your vehicle. Our weFit service is only £30 and is quick and easy. Find the right charging kit for your car here. These products are specific to your vehicle type, and Halfords will be keeping an eye on the vehicle demands and extending the range accordingly.

Mounted chargers

These types of chargers are useful if you like to have your phone visible whilst you’re driving, for Sat Nav App handsfree, for example. TheBelkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Car Universal Mountattaches to the dashboard or window and is adjustable to your device. Check the product details for which phones it’s compatible with, as if yours is not included you will need to invest in an adaptor for your device.

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