A Guide to Fuel Efficient Tyres

With petrol costs on the rise, many of us are looking for ways to make our cars more fuel efficient. While it may not be an obvious factor, choosing the right tyres can help you save money on petrol.

Some tyres are designed with fuel efficiency in mind and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for motorists looking to reduce their monthly fuel costs.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of fuel efficient tyres including tyre efficiency ratings and whether they are worth the money.

What are fuel efficient tyres?

Fuel efficient tyres, also referred to as energy saving tyres or eco tyres, are designed to have a low rolling resistance, meaning less force is required to keep the tyre in motion.

To achieve low rolling resistance, these tyres are made using a compound that reduces heat resistance on the road. They are also designed to have greater aerodynamics and a specific tread pattern to promote more efficient rolling.

How do I know if tyres are fuel efficient?

On first glance, fuel efficient tyres look no different to any other kind of car tyre. However, if you look closely, you’ll see tyre labelling which is split into three categories – fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise. Reading the tyre efficiency rating will allow you to determine how efficient that particular tyre is.

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What are tyre efficiency ratings?

It’s all well and good reading the efficiency rating of a tyre but knowing exactly what each grading means is another matter.

Tyre efficiency ratings consider the tyre’s rolling resistance and is graded from A – E, A rated tyres having the best fuel economy and E having the least.

EU tyre labelling changed in 2021, with more simplified wet grip categories that previously ranged from A-G.

Can fuel efficient tyres save me money?

Yes, fuel efficient tyres can help you reduce your fuel consumption and therefore save you money on petrol. While an A rated tyre may be more of an upfront cost than an E rated tyre, you can save money in the long term due to reduced fuel costs.

A rated tyres are also more eco friendly and can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

What are other ways to save money on fuel?

You can reduce your fuel consumption by driving in a more efficient manner overall. A few tips to maximise your fuel efficiency include:

  • No harsh braking or acceleration
  • Checking your tyres regularly for any signs of wear
  • Ensuring your tyres are always well inflated

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Where can I buy fuel efficient tyres?

At Halfords, we stock a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets and vehicles. Simply enter your vehicle registration number and discover all the types of tyres available to you.

On all our tyre descriptions include the tyre’s fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level ratings, so you can assess if the tyre is right for you.

For further guidance, check out our article on how to choose the best tyres for your vehicle.

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