Getting a tow bar fitted can seem like an expensive prospect. In this article, we take a closer look at what factors can influence how much you need to pay and the cost of tow bar fitting at Halfords.

What factors can influence the price of tow bar fitting?

  • Make and model of vehicle: Vehicles come in various shapes and sizes, which makes some installations more complicated than others. Fitting a tow bar will sometimes require interior and external components such as bumpers to be removed, which increases the time and therefore cost of the process.
  • Internal features: Modern vehicles are fitted with all sorts of features to ensure you remain safe and comfortable behind the wheel. While these features enhance your driving experience, it can make tow bar fitting a fairly technical job as electrics such as parking sensors, Trailer Stability Programmes (TSPs) and ABS all need to be configured correctly to handle the additional weight on your vehicle.

Tow bar fitting prices

We can supply and fit high-quality tow bars from as little as £399 via our Halfords Mobile Experts service.

To get an accurate price for your vehicle, head to our tow bar fitting page and follow the instructions.

Tow bar fitting at Halfords

Halfords Mobile Experts offers a convenient, professional and affordable tow bar fitting service that can be booked online.

Our skilled technicians will come to you at home or work to fit high-quality tow bars, including full wiring and programming the tow bar to your vehicle’s on-board computer (where required). This service covers 80% of households in the UK and appointments can be booked 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm for added convenience.

To book a tow bar fitting with Halfords Mobile Experts, start by visiting our locations page to check that our mobile vans cover your area. Then enter your vehicle registration number online and choose the right tow bar for you.

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