How to properly dispose of a battery

If your car battery is damaged, leaky, old or obsolete, you'll need to safely dispose of it. It's illegal to just put your battery in the bin; instead, you'll need to safely remove it and recycle it. In this guide, we explain how to properly dispose of a battery, keeping you – and the planet – safe from harm.

How to dispose of car batteries safely

Car batteries contain a number of substances that can be harmful to your health, and the environment, such as lead. If your car battery needs replacing, you must ensure that the old battery is taken somewhere it can be safely recycled.

The first thing to do is to check that the battery is broken and not just flat. If you know that the battery needs replacing, you'll need to remove it from the car. Before you start, be sure to wear some gloves to protect your hands from harm.

Start by removing the key from the ignition and remove the negative terminal first, then the positive one. Your battery may be held in place with a clasp, so you'll need to remove this too.

Before lifting the battery out of your car, check the battery for leaks. If it's all OK, then you can safely remove it. Batteries can become covered in grease and grime, so we recommend that you place it in a black plastic bag to stop this from rubbing off.

Now you're ready to recycle – and the easiest way to dispose of your battery is to bring it to Halfords!

We're able to recycle your battery, removing up to 95% of the lead and making it environmentally safe and sound. You can learn more about our battery recycling service, including how to safely transport your car battery, here.

Car battery recycling at Halfords is completely safe and totally free. You can drop into any of the hundreds of Halfords stores across the UK.

What car batteries can Halfords dispose of?

There are two main types of car battery: lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer car batteries. If you're searching for how to dispose of a lithium polymer battery or how to dispose of a lithium-ion battery, you'll be pleased to know that Halfords can safely recycle both types.

How to remove a hot battery from your car

The battery in your car shouldn't overheat, but if it's failing, then it can become very hot. A hot battery can be dangerous and could cause burns if you touch it.

If your battery is overheating, we recommend that you stop your car and allow the battery to cool before attempting to touch it and analyse the problem.

If you're worried about a hot car battery, or the battery in your vehicle overheating, then consider speaking to a breakdown service. Their specialist technicians can help you safely get your car back on the road.

How to dispose of a leaking battery

A leaking car battery is highly dangerous to anyone and anything it comes into contact with.

Car batteries are full of harmful substances, including highly corrosive acid that can cause severe burns. Battery acid can also contaminate the air, which can be dangerous to your health and wellbeing, particularly if you are working on it in a confined space, like a garage or workshop.

If you believe your car battery is leaking, you must remove it, recycle it, and replace it as soon as possible. When removing a leaking battery, take extra care and wear protective equipment. We recommend you work outside or in a well-ventilated area.

You should seek to recycle your car battery as soon as it has been removed. If you need to store it, do so safely and keep it away from children and pets.

At Halfords, we will safely recycle your leaking battery for you. If your battery is leaking, please don't bring it into the store, but speak to one of our staff and we will advise you on what to do next.


No. Your car battery must be disposed of safely by trained professionals. You shouldn't put your battery in the bin but instead should take it somewhere where it can be safely recycled – such as Halfords.

You can remove your car battery from your vehicle and bring it to any Halfords store where we will happily recycle it for you. We also have a selection of car batteries suitable for sale for almost all makes and models of car.

It's easy to identify the right battery by using our battery finder tool. Type in your registration, and you'll see a selection of batteries that will fit your vehicle.

Yes! We will remove your old battery, recycle it and fit a new one all for just £15. We'll install your new car battery while you wait, and ensure that it's performing perfectly before you hit the road.

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