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Locking Your Bike Securely

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Halfords provide you with their top tips to safeguard your bike from would-be thieves.

How to lock a bike securely

So, you've got your bike and your bike lock, but leave nothing to chance - make sure you know how to lock your bike properly. No bike locks are completely thief-proof, but follow these tips to be as safe as possible.

If you haven't got a lock yet, and you'd like to know about the different kinds, have a look at our buyer's guide.

Top tips for locking a bike

  • Look at the object you're locking your bike to. Make sure it's fixed and that your bike can't be lifted over it.
  • Attach your bike lock to the wheel as well as the frame of your bike - the same goes for anything else that can be easily removed!
  • Always lock up your bike whenever you leave it unattended.
  • Lock up your bike when you're at home and try to keep it out of view.
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  • The more locks the better! Using a shackle lock for the frame and back wheel and a chain or cable lock for the front wheel is a good combination.
  • When you lock up your bike in public, do it in a well-lit place where lots of people are likely to be around.
  • Try to lock up your bike next to other bikes.
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Bike locks at Halfords

At Halfords, we sell loads of different bike locks. Have a think about where you'll be keeping your bike, what kind of bike you have and how much weight you can carry with you on a ride. If you need more advice, pop in to your local store and our team will be happy to help.

Have a look online and select 'click and collect' to pick up your bike lock in-store. Alternatively, you can arrange to have it delivered if that's easier.

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