Catalytic Converters

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Catalytic convertors bolt on to the exhaust where they capture the harmful gases caused by combustion. Since being introduced in the 1970s, they’ve helped to dramatically reduce the volume of fumes that we all breath in, making the air cleaner and better for everyone. Catalytic converters can become damaged by bumps in the road, or from driving over obstacles. They can also become corroded and damaged over time. When they stop working, they should be replaced immediately. You must use the right part for the job, which is why we’ve made it so easy to find them. To find the right part, enter your registration number or add some details about your car and it will show you the correct parts for your vehicle. Swapping a catalytic converter is a relatively straightforward task that’s suitable for the home mechanic, but you’ll need the correct tools and parts before starting. If you need some help or advice, then drop in to your local Halfords store where our staff will be happy to help you seven days a week.