Kids’ Cycling Clothes Buyers Guide

Whenever kids head out on two wheels, they should always be dressed in appropriate clothing. After all, you don’t want them getting soaked through and riding in uncomfortable clothing - something that could put them off cycling.

Choosing the right cycling clothing for your child is easy and we’ve pulled together some top tips to help with this article providing a guide to:

  • Girls cycle clothing.
  • Boys cycle clothing.
  • The different colours, styles, and materials available.
  • The purpose of different types of cycle clothing.

What to look for when buying children’s cycling clothing?

Kids’ cycling clothing serves a similar purpose to its’ adult equivalent, and so you can expect some of the key features to remain the same. That includes keeping your child covered and warm during cold weather, and equally keeping them cool / comfortable during long summer rides.

However, there are a few features you should pay particular attention to when looking for cycle clothing for kids:

  • Waterproofing – whether it’s jackets, gloves or shorts, always ensure you get clothing that has waterproof features, so your kids can ride their bikes in any conditions. Waterproof kids’ cycling clothes have a special tape stuck to them to stop the water from getting in, keeping them dry even when it’s raining heavily.
  • Windproofing – this is an important year-round feature and will help keep out the wind and its added chill. Within an item of kids’ windproof cycling clothing, you’ll find a special layer of fabric attached to the clothes that keeps the breeze out.
  • Wicking – this refers to breathable fabrics that keep sweat and moisture away from kids’ bodies, ensuring they stay cool as they ride their bike. These types of fabrics are quick drying and can also retain heat, making them comfortable for all conditions - whether that involves stopping for a break under the hot summer sun or going full-pelt up a hill in the colder months.

What are the different types of kids’ cycling clothes?

There are lots of types of clothing available, and here’s a few pieces you may want to invest in for your little ones.

Kids’ cycling jersey

A cycling jersey has a short front, long back, high neck and fitted sleeves to help the cyclist easily reach the bike handlebar. Made of lightweight and breathable fabric, kids’ cycling jerseys are designed to keep moisture away from your skin.

Our Polaris Kids Stars & Stripes jersey will help your child maintain a constant temperature due to its zipped collar feature, making it perfect for both winter and summer. Like any adult jersey, our boys cycling jersey also features two rear pockets for your child to store their snacks.

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Kids’ cycling jacket

Most normal kids’ jackets are too bulky for cycling. Therefore, another piece of essential clothing is a kids’ cycling jacket. This will keep your child warm and dry during winter rides - we recommend a waterproof kids cycling jacket like our unisex Polaris Kids Strata jacket.

This pink boys and girls waterproof cycling jacket has a high-quality spec including YKK Aquaguard zips to keep you warm and fully taped seams throughout to keep water away from the skin. It also features reflective detailing, which will allow your child to be seen by others in the dark.

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Kids’ cycling tights

Kids’cycling tights are made of very thick material to give you extra coverage and keep you warm in winter. They’re available with many different features such as with and without bibs, and with or without padding – so you can decide which kids’ cycling tights would best suit your child’s needs.

Our Polaris Kids Zoom tights offer great comfort and temperature control thanks to their micro mesh cooling panels and flat locked seams. The tights also give a performance-fit [TW4] due to their atomic, multi-panelled construction and the reflective detailing on the ankles offer increased visibility.

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Kids’ hi vis jackets

Kids’ hi vis cycling jackets like our Wowow Kids Nutty Jacket may not be a must, but they’re a great way to improve safety while riding. Perfect for kids who are regular riders and tend to cycle a lot during the dark, the jacket offers great visibility on the road, improving their visibility to other road users.

In addition to providing child safety, the hi vis jacket adds character and style to your child’s cycling clothing. With three reflective stripes on the front and back, fluorescent colour and an internal name label, rest assured that your little one will love their new hi vis jacket and may be encouraged to ride more.

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Kids’ cycling gloves

Gloves are also another important part of kids cycling clothing. The majority of kids’ cycling gloves come with the same features as adults’ gloves. With padded grips on palms and breathable fabric like on our Kiddimoto Flames Gloves, kids’ gloves offer both insulation and protection even to the smallest of hands.

They are designed to keep kids’ hands warm during winter and improve grip on handlebars in summer when their palms are sweaty. Halfords stock a wide range of designs to choose from to encourage children to wear gloves to protect their hands and look trendy at the same time.

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Kids’ knee pads

As children learn to ride a bike without stabilisers, they’ll be at a constant risk of falling. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a good pair of kids knee pads, so you can ensure that their knees are protected while they learn to ride.

Our Apollo Twinkles Kids Protective Pad Set - with its elasticated straps for an adjustable fitting - is great for protecting the knees and elbows of your little one. The soft inner fabric of the pads will provide comfort around the skin, while the hard plastic outer shell will provide protection against hard surfaces such as rocks.

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Kids’ bike helmets

Lastly, don’t forget the most important piece of protection, the kids’ bike helmet. Whether your little one is riding a bike with stabilizers or one without, they should always wear a bike helmet to protect their head against injuries in case of a fall.

Ensuring your child wears a helmet as soon as they start learning how to ride a bike will help them develop important safety habits. We recommend starting with the Halfords Essential ABS Kids Helmet for all round protection. The adjustable straps of the helmet will give full comfort while the removable pads and vents will help keep your kids’ head cool.

More information on finding the correct helmet size for your child can be found here. If you require more information on bike helmets, then don’t forget to check out our Kids Bike Helmet Buyers Guide to find out more.

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