Voodoo VIP of the Month: Katie Purvis

Voodoo develops bikes with one simple aim: to help connect us with the outdoors and to help you feel at one with the trail. When designing the newest range of bikes, we needed to know that they lived up to expectations and would provide an unrivalled trail experience. That's why we placed them in the capable hands of three pros for testing, and one of those was Katie Purvis.

Helping with testing and filming, Katie was an important figure in the development of the new range. But who is Katie Purvis, our November Voodoo VIP of the Month? We caught up with Katie to find out more.

Katie Purvis, Voodoo VIP November 2021

How long have you been riding for and what type of riding do you do?

I've been riding mountain bikes for as long as I can remember but only started competing in 2016. Since then, I've been competing in downhill mountain biking in various national races including the British Downhill National Series.

To date, my biggest achievement was winning the English Championships back in 2019 at my local bike park, Hamsterley Forest. My favourite thing about racing is the social scene and meeting new people who love doing the same things as me, and my team is filled with the kind of people you want to be around!

You ride downhill professionally but what is it about trail (singletrack) riding that most appeals to you?

It's great getting out on the big bike as you can really push it to the limits knowing the bike can handle the hardest of terrains.

However, I love trail riding just as much. Riding singletrack on a trail bike means you have to be constantly switched on - one little mistake and you're off. Agility is a key component of smashing runs on a trail bike, as you have to constantly move the bike around sharp corners and trees.

You mainly ride full-suspension mountain bikes, but when did you last ride a hardtail?

I really can't remember the last time I was out on a hardtail as I'm so used to riding full-suspension mountain bikes, so switching to a hardtail while testing the new range was a big change for me.

That being said, in my opinion, hardtails are the best starting point for anyone wanting to get into mountain biking. You need to learn the basics on a bike, including how to handle and control it down a trail before trying anything too extreme. Given that hardtails have no play in the back, there is a lot more work that needs to be put in by the rider to get it down the trail. After you can smash it on a hardtail, a full-suspension bike will feel like a walk in the park!

Katie Purvis, Voodoo VIP November 2021

You tested numerous bikes within the 2022 range including the Bizango Pro, Soukri, Nakisi and Marasa. What did you like most about the new bikes, specifically the Bizango Pro?

My first impression of the Bizango Pro was... THE COLOUR! I absolutely adored the colour of the bike and would 100% buy it just for this reason. You could definitely tell a lot of work has also been put into nailing the high-end spec, including the RockShox forks and the bigger 29” wheels. Importantly, this made a huge difference when riding down the trails.

In terms of the overall range, as mentioned previously, the colour scheme of the bikes is my favourite part of the design. I really think they've hit the nail on the head with this!

I also love how the bikes come in various size ranges. I'm a very small woman and I was impressed that there were bikes at the right size for me.

Finally, out of the bikes you rode, which was your favourite?

My favourite bike had to be the Soukri mountain bike. I found the geometry suited me perfectly, and I was blown away with how well it rode given it was the lower-spec model.

I felt so comfortable sending it down the trails and it's an all-round reliable bike for anyone looking to start off their mountain biking hobby at a reasonable price.

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