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ERDÉ is the number one manufacturer of flat pack trailers in Europe, producing high quality products with care and precision, compliant with ECC regulations, meaning they are safe for use on all European roads.

Established in 1973, ERDÉ Trailers have grown and expanded their business to become one of the world's leading trailer manufacturers, ensuring all products meet the needs of every single customer.

With a large selection of trailers available, customers are able to choose from a range of ERDÉ Trailer sizes, as well as flat-pack and motorcycle trailers.

Offering a large array of spare parts such as ERDÉ Trailer wheels and loading rails, the comprehensive service ERDÉ Trailer accessories offer allow customers to get everything they need for their trailer.

Explore the range of ERDÉ Trailer products available from Halfords below.

ERDE Trailers

ERDÉ Trailers range

ERDÉ Trailers come in a range of sizes and fits, specific to your vehicle's needs and pulling capacity.

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ERDE Trailer 122

The The ERDÉ Trailer 122 is ideal for those looking for a trailer for domestic use, such as transporting garden waste, moving multiple items at once, or if you have things that are too big to fit in your car's boot.

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ERDE 102 Trailer

For a smaller, lightweight trailer, the ERDÉ 102 Trailer is suitable for carrying loads of up to 245kg.

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ERDE Trailer Covers

ERDÉ Trailer Covers

ERDÉ Trailer Covers are an essential accessory for regular trailer-users.

The range of ERDÉ Trailer Covers offer protection from the elements and allow you to keep the contents of your ERDÉ Trailer safe and dry.

ERDÉ High Trailer Covers provide cover for contents that may be a little higher than the walls of your ERDÉ Trailer, and the ERDÉ Trailer Flat Covers provide tight protection for smaller items.

ERDÉ Trailer Covers are essential for all ERDÉ Trailer owners – explore the range of ERDÉ Trailer Covers online at Halfords today.

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ERDE Trailer Wheels

ERDÉ Trailer Wheels

Having a spare wheel for your ERDÉ Trailer is always a good idea.

Whether you've worn your ERDÉ Tyre down or you need a replacement, the range of ERDÉ Tyres available from Halfords will ensure you select the correct wheel to match your ERDÉ Trailer.

If you are planning on doing high mileage with your ERDÉ Trailer, you'll want to ensure that you have an ERDÉ Trailer Spare Wheel as a back-up, in case of punctures or a flat tyre.

The range of ERDÉ Trailer Wheels are suited for all sizes of ERDÉ Trailers – find your correct size ERDÉ Tyre online at Halfords here.

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ERDE Trailer Accessories

ERDÉ Trailer Accessories

For the finishing touches on your ERDÉ Trailer, ensure you have all the ERDÉ Trailer Parts you need to accompany your journeys.

ERDÉ Trailer Locks ensure you can lock the cover of your ERDÉ Trailer if you are travelling with valuables, as well as provide cover from the weather on those days where tarpaulin won't do.

As well as ERDÉ Trailer Locks, there are a range of ERDÉ Trailer Accessories to make your life with an ERDÉ Trailer easier – from wheel support to motorcycle loading rails, ERDÉ Trailer Accessories have everything you need.

Explore the range of ERDÉ Trailer Accessories online at Halfords today.

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