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  • Wheel Bolts
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  • Accelerator, Clutch & Handbrake Cable
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Detailing Products at Halfords

Damage to your cars exterior is ones of life's little annoyances. These dents and scratches are inevitable; every time you hit the road you may be exposed to some wear and tear from the roads surface.

Whilst we can't prevent this from happening, you can rely on us for everything from little touch ups to panel replacements. If you end up having to change an entire panel for whatever reason, it's good to have someone you can trust to get your car back to looking good on the road.

Why not pop into your local Halfords store and have a chat with one of our helpful, Halfords team. We can advise on touching up bodywork, repairing and replacing parts, and general car queries.

Or, check out our impressive range of parts online, with next day delivery available for those last minute worries.