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Lambda Sensors

Your car's Lambda sensor is an oxygen sensor which analyses and detects the levels of o2 in your car's engine and exhaust system. This helps to minimise the risk of poisonous gases being released into the environment from your car's exhaust.

It feeds information back to the car's ECU, telling it how much air and fuel it needs in the combustion mix in order to lower the emissions whilst maintaining optimum performance.

It's not normally too expensive to replace the Lambda sensor, but if left, problems may occur with the catalytic converter and other parts of your car, which are more costly in the long term. If in doubt, pop in store to speak to one of our Helpful Halfords team.

They'll be able to give you some guidance, and if necessary, refer you to a local autocentre for fitting or replacement parts. We're open late seven days a week, so you can always rely on us when you need a hand.